Creative Destruction Cheats to Currencies

Creative Destruction is a highly popular game in the survival category, and millions of youngsters are enjoying it. The game is for android, Windows, and IOS platforms and it is developed by NetEase Games.

The players can download it by an android store or official game, and we no need to pay any single amount of real money.

Most of the players are sending playing requests to online players, and the game is open to worldwide.

You can also build some creative buildings with quick build energy and smash more rivals with dangerous weapons.

Every part of the game is essential for us, and you have to read each thing about the game in this guide.

Types of Currencies in the Gameplay:

In the game, mainly three kinds of currencies are used, and they are named as gold coins, star coins, and diamonds.
They all are for purchasing some specific items for growing well in the game.
Anyone can be the next winner by collecting a big amount of all the currencies.
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The different currencies and individually used for upgrading.

Gold Coins

The gold coins are unavoidable currency, and it is for new staff like weapons, skins, and more gadgets. You can earn it by using some legit creativedestruction hack just like challenging missions.  


Diamonds are the prime currency for weapons, and we can upgrade the attacking range of guns. The players can grab a great number of diamonds by wining battles and tasks.
The players have to smartly use some energy also for gaining success in the game

Star Coins

Star coins are the premium currency for enormous customization tasks, and we need a perfect amount of it for upgrading our skills also.
Such currency is easy to capture with gameplay, so you must be active on various fighting missions.